Top 10 Disney Parks Commercials (Video)

Disney Parks have always found intriguing ways to make their commercials evoke something on an emotional level in all of us. This is part of what keeps us flocking through their gates everyday to feel those emotions first hand. Over the years, Disney commercial campaigns have taken many different forms: some funny, some tear-jerking, some live action, and some animated. I recently had the great pleasure of pouring over as many Disney Parks ads as I could find and made a compilation of the 10 I found to be the most memorable.

The order isn’t incredibly important so I didn’t number them. What’s more important to me are the years in which the were each released. I know I may be a bit biased, being a child in the 90’s and considering everything that I grew up watching to be superior to what was available to generations since, but I tried to mix it up a bit. I have to make mention, though, that I did look for older ads from the late 70s and earlier but could not seem to find anything that beats a single video in this list. So please comment with links to your favorite Disney Parks commercials and educate me.



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